About Today's People

Today's People has the answer for all of your laminating needs. Our distinctive process of preserving and protecting feature newspaper articles, magazine stories, photographs, awards, certificates and personal momentos, allows you to display keepsakes with pride!

Laminating provides a permanent bond that ensures a dust free, wrinkle resistant and non-fading or non-yellowing finish to our attractive wood plaques.

We creatively display your article ~ your way or our talented staff will suggest the most visually exciting layout for your needs. We surround your article with up to 3 layers of 1/4 inch wide coordinating border colors to further enhance and beautify your treasured memento.

Our 5/8 inch thick MDF wood plaques provide maximum quality, durability and handcrafted workmanship. Each side is finished with either a solid color background or a cherry-walnut woodgrain that is sure to compliment any wall where your plaque is displayed.
Our laminate creates the optimum crystal clear finish that intensifies color and clarity of your article while protecting against harsh ultra violet lighting. It's "UV", low-luster textured surface, reduces glare, cleans easily with a damp cloth and retards fading and yellowing.

Your article is centered onto our wood plaques with a beautiful 2 inch plaque border. We include a contrasting black and brass or sterling silver engraved plate with important date and event information, at the bottom of the plaque. The plaque edges are hand crafted with a roll over style edge in metallic gold or sterling silver. Our unique "hanging slot" allows you to invisibly hang your plaque flat against the wall ~ we even include the wall anchor and screw!